Sial – France, Paris.

We have all had five crazy days! Five days bubbling up with ingredients, recipes and flavours, in a “Frenchy” atmosphere but with a truly international feel! Five days to offer the biggest world showcase for Planet Food, with the players and inventors in food; from producers to distributors, through restaurateurs to ingredients providers.

So now it’s over… Well, not quite! Although SIAL Paris 2018 closed its doors on Thursday 25 October, the ideas, discoveries and inspirations proposed by this year’s edition will continue to resonate for a long time to come on Planet Food. The Paris-Nord Villepinte exhibition venue, the stage for SIAL Paris, has been the scene of five truly action-packed days!

135 official international visits, 250 “events within the event”, 2,355 innovations submitted for the SIAL Innovation Awards and 15 Grand Prix award-winners: “This year, once again, we have succeeded in setting the bar still higher, to propose to all professionals in the sector a truly exciting event with lots going on everywhere, all the time.” Over the five days of the showSIAL Paris promoted more than 400,000 products over an area equivalent to more than 100 supermarkets laid out end-to-end! “It remains an event that nevertheless retains its human dimension, since it is about food, after all!”

Lastly, innovation, in 2018, was also – quite simply – about tasting, testing… and letting yourself be seduced. SIAL Paris was also about being able to make so many fruitful meetings on the stands, in the forums, in the aisles! Meetings that may lead to new associations, new success stories! There would be thousands of great stories to tell, but the best one, for all our exhibitors and visitors – beyond the human dimension – might well be about all these diaries and order books steadily filling up! We look forward to seeing you again in 2020, to pick up where we left off and help build, together, the future of our Planet Food!