VitaPlus+ Mediterranean Quinoa Salad with Mixed Grain

How to prepare the brownie

Pour the content of one packet of Vitaplus+ Quinoa Brownie into a bowl, add 200 ml ofwarm milk (can be Vegan milk), 100g of butter and mix with an electric mixer to get a smooth paste. Spread the mix in a greased pan and bake at 180 C for 30‐40 minutes or 15‐20 minutes for cup cakes

How to prepare the strawberry sauce


  • 20 gr of sugar

  • 50 gr of Strawberries

  • a few drops of Modena vinegar

Mix Modena vinegar with the sugar in a pan over the fire to make a caramel. Add the Strawberries and let them cook a little. For a nice presentation, cut the Brownie in square pieces of 7‐8 cm long and pour the strawberry sauce. Use of cream or vegan Cream is optional.


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